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Super Hot Sale On Tekken 6 IC Card Cartons!

Super Hot Sale On Tekken 6 IC Card Cartons!
Super Hot Sale On Tekken 6 IC Card Cartons!
We are having a massive clearance offer on our bulk cartons of Tekken 6 IC Cards. You can purchase a carton (100 x Tekken 6 IC Cards) at a very special below cost price. The Tekken 6 Player IC card from Namco is used for saving your player information whilst playing Tekken 6 machine along with many other exclusive features.

About the Tekken 6 IC Card

The Tekken 6 Player IC card (Namco) is mainly used for saving your player information whilst playing Tekken 6 machine, however it also boasts a range of exciting additional options. With the card, you can store your in-game money, save your win/loss ratio, buy customization options and collect money from the "ghost" stored in arcade machines you have previously played on.

About Tekken 6

Tekken 6, part of the long running Namco fighting game series, features the greatest number of characters ever seen in a Tekken game. There are 41 characters in total, including 5 new characters - Zafina, Leo, Miguel, Bob, and Azazel. The stages in Tekken 6 have been greatly improved, with some stages featuring multi-tiered levels and daylight/night-time transitions. The detailed character customisation options that appeared in Tekken 5 have been retained, with even more options and more items available in Tekken 6. You can customise your character by switching between available character costumes and items including various items like glasses, hats, and decorative swords. There are also character-specific items and pieces, as well as special items that unlock Item Moves once equipped. New to Tekken 6 are 'Item Moves', where a character can use an item to attack the opponent. Some examples of this are Nina Williams who can use one of her shoes and Ling Xiaoyu who can attack opponents with mittens. Also new to Tekken 6 is the 'Rage' system which gives characters more power, and is automatically activated when your characters health is low.

For more information on the Tekken 6 IC Cards or to place an order, please follow this link

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