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Homepin Thunderbirds Pinball for Sale
Homepin Thunderbirds Pinball
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Mayflash Gamecube Controller Adapter For Wii & Wii U (Dual Pack), White
  • Connect 2 Gamecube Controllers to a Wii or Wii U system - Built-in Turbo - Switch the LEFT Stick and POV Directional Button by pressing the button START and B for 3 seconds, and switch back by pressing the button START and A for 3 seconds - Supports ZL

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Thunderbirds Pinball For Home

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Latest Bulk Offers

4x Big Tony's Texas Holdem Tables for $2000
4x Big Tony's Texas Holdem Tables for $2000 4x Big Tony's Texas Holdem Tables available, $2000 for the lot. These machines are non refurbished, and are in various states of non working condition.
$1248.49 USD
RRP: 0.00 AUD
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Latest Amusement News

New Prize Redemption Machines Available from G2B International Technology

G2B International Technology have released a new range of prize redemption machines. These include Halloween and fruit themed cutting machines, a poker style redemption machine using billard balls, and a fishing themed prize redemption machine.

25th Feb, 2019 [more]

Arcade Game Boards for Sale

After another round of stock take, we have a number of game boards for sale with many hard to find arcade PCBs and game kits. 

12th Feb, 2019 [more]

Jakar Boxer Parts Sale

Big savings on Jakar Boxer parts with prices discounted up to 86%. Jakar Boxer and Kicker machine game boards, glass, punch balls are available in stock for immediate shipment.

26th Dec, 2017 [more]

Product Stocklist


Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion English Version Full Kit

SAVE 32%
Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion English Version Full Kit
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Upgrade Kit English updated version. Includes Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion game board and 2 player control panel with card readers. Bloodline Rebellion is an updated version of Tekken 6 and features two new characters - Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch. The update also includes a new stage, new character customization options and items, and game balance updates.
Price : 1295.00 USD
Available : In Stock
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Pinball Back Latches (C- 137) - Used

SAVE 95%
Pinball Back Latches (C- 137) - Used
Pinball Back latches (C- 137). This is a latch used on the back of the pinball machines that snaps in place securing the backbox and cabinet together.
Price : 0.30 USD
Available : In Stock
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Touch Wizard Desktop (Joystick Model - Blue Version)

SAVE 37%
Touch Wizard Desktop (Joystick Model - Blue Version)
The Touch Wizard is a desktop arcade machine created by Arcooda. Built with an Android operating system, Touch Wizard users can connect to the Google Play store and download a wide variety of games and apps to use on the one-player multi-media machine. This is the joystick model.
Price : 1058.00 USD
Available : In Stock
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Amusement Machines, Arcade Game Boards & Arcade Spare Parts - Marketplace

Added Today - Added Today
Arcade Machines Price
Cho Chabudai Gaeshi Arcade Machine 2450.00 USD
Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Machine Set (2x 32 Inch Vewlix Cabinets) 4595.00 USD
Namco Noir 32 Inch Arcade Cabinet 1195.00 USD
Gitadora Music SD Arcade Machine Set (Guitar + Drum) 1995.00 USD
MaiMai Finale Twin Arcade Machine 6495.00 USD
Elevator Action Twin Arcade Machine 3495.00 USD
Tubin Twist Deluxe Ticket Redemption Machine 7495.00 USD
Tubin' Twist Ticket Redemption Machine 1987.00 USD
Deep Sea Drive 1P Ticket Redemption Machine 2995.00 USD
Deep Sea Drive Twin Ticket Redemption Machine 4795.00 USD
Arcade Gameboards/Kits Price
Ocean King 3 Plus: Mermaid Legends Gameboard Kit 3099.00 USD
Ocean King 3 Plus Crab Avengers Game Board Software Kit 3099.00 USD
King of Treasures Arcade Gameboard Kit 3407.00 USD
Mystic Dragon 2 Software Gameboard Kit 1599.00 USD
Ocean King 3 Plus: Master of the Deep Software Gameboard Kit 3099.00 USD
I/O Board for Seafood Paradise or Insect Doctor Fish Games 290.00 USD
Dragon Slayer I/O Board 198.00 USD
Ocean Fantasy Software Gameboard Kit 1699.00 USD
Enchanted Dragon Fish Software Gameboard Kit 1599.00 USD
Insect Doctor 2 USA Edition Software Gameboard Kit 1899.00 USD
Arcade Parts Price
Vewlix Gamewizard 3.3 Volt Power Supply with Harness 53.0315 USD
20 inch LCD Monitor suitable for Lowboy Cabinet or Cocktail Table 184.15 USD
32 Inch LCD AUO Arcade Monitor - T315HB01 V1 365.20 USD
32 Inch LCD LG Arcade Monitor - LG320EUJ-FFE2 365.20 USD
Assorted Chassis Boards (3x Boards) 93.65 USD
Arcade Power Supply 16AMP 240volts 15.60 USD
Assorted Chassis Boards (4x Boards) 124.85 USD
Assorted Chassis Boards (3x Boards) 93.65 USD
Assorted Chassis Boards (2x Boards) 62.40 USD
Toei Chassis Boards (3x Boards) 93.65 USD

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Amusement Industry News

ICE Now Shipping Centipede Chaos
ICE is now shipping Centipede Chaos. First debuting at the Amusement Expo 2019, the three-player video redemption games takes a new spin on the classic Atari Centipede. Players must blast their way through 10 waves of insects to take on mini-bosses like the wasp, firefly and beetle before they can verse the Mega Spider Boss. <br>
[More Information]

Latest Amusement Product

Cho Chabudai Gaeshi Arcade Machine
Cho Chabudai Gaeshi is an arcade machine where players must pound their hands and flip the game's plastic table peripheral in one of four scenarios to score points. Players are awarded points for the amount of objects that go onto the floor.
[More Information]

Trade Show

Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019
In 2019, the international company Smile-Expo will organize Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference. The event will unite experienced specialists in gambling sphere and representatives of top companies working with affiliate marketing and online casinos.
[More Information]
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