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Homepin Thunderbirds Pinball for Sale
Homepin Thunderbirds Pinball
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Motor Bike Grips (new) Motor Bike Grips (new)

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Latest Bulk Offers

4x Big Tony's Texas Holdem Tables for $2000
4x Big Tony's Texas Holdem Tables for $2000 4x Big Tony's Texas Holdem Tables available, $2000 for the lot. These machines are non refurbished, and are in various states of non working condition.
$1299.80 USD
RRP: 0.00 AUD
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Latest Amusement News

New Prize Redemption Machines Available from G2B International Technology

G2B International Technology have released a new range of prize redemption machines. These include Halloween and fruit themed cutting machines, a poker style redemption machine using billard balls, and a fishing themed prize redemption machine.

25th Feb, 2019 [more]

Arcade Game Boards for Sale

After another round of stock take, we have a number of game boards for sale with many hard to find arcade PCBs and game kits. 

12th Feb, 2019 [more]

Jakar Boxer Parts Sale

Big savings on Jakar Boxer parts with prices discounted up to 86%. Jakar Boxer and Kicker machine game boards, glass, punch balls are available in stock for immediate shipment.

26th Dec, 2017 [more]

Product Stocklist


Ghost Squad Evolution Arcade Machine

Ghost Squad Evolution Arcade Machine
A expansion of the original Ghost Squad game, classed as Ghost Squad 2 in some circles. It is a shooting game where, players take the roles of elite special forces agent called Ghost Squad. Each player is equipped with replicas of army rifles.
Price : 5495.00 USD
Available : In Stock
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Konami GQ874-PWB(F)B PCB

SAVE 55%
Konami GQ874-PWB(F)B PCB
This is an original GQ874-PWB(F)B PCB from Konami for use in arcade machines.
Price : 16.25 USD
Available : In Stock
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Haunted Museum 2

SAVE 33%
Haunted Museum 2
Haunted Museum 2 is a 1-2 Player light gun shooting game from Taito. It is the sequel to Haunted Museum and is known as Frightmareland in North America.
Price : 5250.00 USD
Available : In Stock
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Amusement Machines, Arcade Game Boards & Arcade Spare Parts - Marketplace

Added Today - Added Today
Arcade Machines Price
Crazy Bowling Arcade Machine 4950.00 USD
Acme Crane Extreme (not working) 52.00 USD
Tight Rope 2 Player Arcade Machine 4995.00 USD
Gundam POD 4 Player Set Please Ask
Initial D Stage Zero Twin Arcade Machine 7995.00 USD
Half Life 2 Survivor v2.0 SD Arcade Machine 1881.00 USD
UFO Catcher Mini Crane Machine 552.00 USD
UFO Catcher 800 Crane Machine 842.00 USD
Slam-a-Winner Ticket Redemption Machine 647.00 USD
Cyclone Ticket Redemption Machine 387.00 USD
Arcade Gameboards/Kits Price
Mystic Dragon 2 Software Gameboard Kit 1599.00 USD
Ocean King 3 Plus: Master of the Deep Software Gameboard Kit 3099.00 USD
I/O Board for Seafood Paradise or Insect Doctor Fish Games 290.00 USD
Dragon Slayer I/O Board 198.00 USD
Ocean Fantasy Software Gameboard Kit 1699.00 USD
Enchanted Dragon Fish Software Gameboard Kit 1599.00 USD
Insect Doctor 2 USA Edition Software Gameboard Kit 1899.00 USD
Deep Sea Hunter Fish Game Software Gameboard Kit 1699.00 USD
Deep Ocean Fish Hunting Software Gameboard Kit 799.00 USD
Bird Paradise USA Software Gameboard Kit 1999.00 USD
Arcade Parts Price
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Extreme Soft Plastic Header 22.75 USD
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) - Button Instruction Sticker Please Ask
20 inch LCD Monitor suitable for Lowboy Cabinet or Cocktail Table 191.75 USD
MAYFLASH N64 Controller Adapter For Pc 23.40 USD
DIY White Arcade Joystick and Buttons Kit for Arcade Machines 29.20 USD
DIY Black Arcade Joystick and Buttons Kit for Arcade Machines 29.20 USD
DIY Green Arcade Joystick and Buttons Kit for Arcade Machines 29.20 USD
DIY Blue Arcade Joystick and Buttons Kit for Arcade Machines 29.20 USD
DIY Yellow Arcade Joystick and Buttons Kit for Arcade Machines 29.20 USD
Illuminated Multi-coloured Joystick for Arcade Machine 12.30 USD

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Amusement Industry News

PAGE's Inspiring Talk is the "Enterprise Exchange" from Experts
The Phil-Asian Gaming Expo (PAGE) 2019 is holding an event called "Inspiring Talk", where industry experts, leaders and brand founders are provided with a open platform to share industry knowledge and technology, and discuss new product launches. The event will be held every afternoon. <br>
[More Information]

Latest Amusement Product

Pea Shooter Arcade Machine
Pea Shooter Arcade Machine is a shooting game where players must shoot the zombies to win points. Players use the Plant headed guns to shoot balls at the screen and take out as many zombies as possible within the time limit.
[More Information]

Trade Show

GTI Taipei Expo 2019
GTI Asia Taipei Expo is a yearly export-oriented trade fair targeting at recruiting international industry peers to make purchases and establish partnerships. Every year, the show attracts a good deal of potential buyers to meet face-to-face with celebrated manufacturers and suppliers as well as provides an optimal platform for healthy and constructive competition in research & development among industry members.
[More Information]
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