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Amazing DIY Project Machine Bulk Offer - 6 x Non-Working Wacky Gator Style Machines

Amazing DIY Project Machine Bulk Offer - 6 x Non-Working Wacky Gator Style Machines
Amazing DIY Project Machine Bulk Offer - 6 x Non-Working Wacky Gator Style Machines
Do you remember the glory days of the arcade where you can go give a good thrashing to alligator and crab creatures with a mallet and tickets would be bursting out of the machine faster than you can say "wacky gator"? Well we have an amazing bulk project machine offer for you, we have 6 x non-working Wacky Gator Style Machines for $900 (for all units).

One of our clients in Melbourne has these 6 x Non-Working Wacky Gator Style Machines they are looking to clear. These units are sold as is and are priced to go. Can be used for parts or as a restoration project. With some time and effort you could easily have them rebuilt, however please note there are a couple of units with missing main boards.

Machines in the offer include; Wacky Gator, Dino Bonk and Cracky Crab.

For more information or to make an inquiry please follow this link

About The Games

** Wacky Gator **

Wacky Gator is a whac-a-mole inspired arcade game by Data East in which the player hits alligators that slide out of the machine towards them with a mallet. The difficulty escalated only if the player did well enough in the first round.

** Dino Bonk **

Dino Bonk by Namco, follows the same premise as Wacky Gator, however instead of alligators, players must hit dinosaur characters that slide out of caves, increasing in difficulty as the game progresses. Players must hit as many dinosaurs as possible within the time frame to win big.

** Cracky Crab **

Cracky Crab is another Namco title, as with the other titles, players must hit the crab characters as the emerge quickly from each side of the machine. The crabs increase in speed, making it harder for the player to hit as time runs out and the game progresses.

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