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Mystic Dragon Video Redemption Game Available For Immediate Purchase

Mystic Dragon Video Redemption Game Available For Immediate Purchase
Mystic Dragon Video Redemption Game Available For Immediate Purchase
Mystic Dragon is a new video redemption game with a twist. Following on from the success of fish hunting games such as Ocean King, King of Treasures and Seafood Paradise - Mystic Dragon offers a new type of hunting game. Instead of hunting for sea creatures in oceanic landscapes, players take to the skies and hunt for bugs, birds and dragons.

Mystic Dragon can be purchased as a game board kit to upgrade your current machine or as a complete machine. Furthermore, Mystic Dragon is available in Chinese Version for Asian markets and English Version for western markets.

Like similar fish hunting video redemption games, Mystic Dragon game play is simple. The aim is to shoot and catch as many bugs, birds and dragons as possible within a specified timeframe. Up to eight players can play at any one time - the bigger and higher amount of characters player catch, the more points earned.

There are over 21 characters to catch in Mystic Dragon including Ladybug, Butterfly, Firebird, Phoenix, Gold Dragon, Queen Bee, Blue Dragon and the ultimate prize Mystic Dragon.

Mystic Dragon is full of features and mini-games that are important to utilise as they offer players a greater to chance to earn more points. New features include; Super Weapon, Chain Link, Fire Dragon Volume and Tornado;

Super Weapon: There are two birds that carry super weapons. When a player shoots a Super Weapon bird, that player is granted a special gun that shoots a projectile, like a rocket. The projectile zooms around the screen killing characters in its path. The player that activated the feature earns the points from the characters killed during the Super Weapon feature.

Chain Link: The Chain Link icon appears circled around a character. When this character is shot, the feature is activated. The encircled character links to other characters. They, too, are encircled until the feature times out. The characters encircled during the feature are killed and the points are awarded to the player that activated the Chain Link feature.

Tornado: Shooting a character encircled by the Tornado symbol activates a vortex. Characters immediately surrounding the shot Tornado character are sucked into the vortex, earning the player who activated the feature points.

Fire Dragon Volume: Like the Tornado feature, when a character encircled by the Fire Dragon Volume icon is shot, it creates a vortex and characters are sucked into it. However, the Fire Dragon Volume vortex is stronger, and pulls in larger and more characters. Points for the characters sucked into the vortex are awarded to the player that activated the Fire Dragon Volume feature.

Mystic Dragon is in stock and available for immediate shipping. The game can be purchased as a game board kit for $1195usd or in a 6 or 8 Player Machine (contact us for more details). The full machine can be set up as Key In / Key Out, Coin In / Coin Out, Bill Acceptor / Thermal Printer, Coin In / Ticket Redemption Out, PlayPortal Cashless System or other. For more information, please email or call +61 249 689 313.


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