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Gundam POD 4 Player Set now available

Gundam POD 4 Player Set now available
Gundam POD 4 Player Set now available
A Gundam POD arcade game set (four units) is now available to purchase through Arcade Game Sales.

The set of 4 Japanese version PODs, created by Bandai Namco and Banpresto, allows players to become Gundam pilots and immerse themselves in the Gundam universe.

Released in 2016, the competitive team game sees the player climb into a POD (Panoramic Optical Display) that offers 180° views of the Gundam universe in which they are immersed.

Inside the POD, the player becomes a Gundam mobile suit pilot. Pilots play through two battle scenarios lasting a total game time of 10 minutes.

The PODs themselves are interlinked. You will find PODs in groups of four units, but more can be added and linked up. Players can opt to launch simultaneously with their friends or with other players – even in different arcade – launching at the same time.

The game POD is large and has an adjustable seat, surround sound speakers, projector screen, headset jacks, hand control sticks and foot pedals.

Each POD is equipped with headset jacks for in-game communication between players (pilots may bring their own headsets).

The battle scene point of view is from inside the mobile suit, the overhead projector displays three panels onto the inner dome screen about one metre away from the pilot's seat.

For more information about the Gundam PODs check out the product page on Arcade Game Sales, email or call +61 249 689 313.

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