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Hot Sale On Sega BlackJack Machine Located In Hong Kong

Hot Sale On Sega BlackJack Machine Located In Hong Kong
Hot Sale On Sega BlackJack Machine Located In Hong Kong
One of our clients is looking to sell their Sega BlackJack Machine, which is a gambling game that gives the option of 4 different dealers in a realistic looking table with a Las Vegas look. This machine is located in Hong Kong and the owner is looking for a quick sale.

Sega's BlackJack is a 2-deck game base on the casino classic, with shuffling after each round. Insurance, pair splitting and doubling down on 2-card hands are allowed. Pushes are returned to the player. Blackjacks pay two to one!! On top of this, there are significant bonus awards for special player hands:

  • 5 cards under 21 returns 3 units
  • 6 cards under 21 returns 10
  • 7 cards under 21 returns 20
  • 8 cards under 21 returns 50
  • Ace-jack suited returns 5 units
  • Ace-jack of spades 15
  • Three 7s returns 10 plus a free play
  • Three 7s of the same color returns 15 units plus a free play
  • 21 made with 6,7,8 returns 10 units if suited, 5 units if unsuited

There is also a random jackpot for A,2,3,4,5,6, plus a payoff of 10, 20, or 50 units depending upon whether your cards are mixed colors, all of the same color, or all of the same suit.

This is an incredible offer you do not want to miss out on, for more information please email or phone +61 249 689 313 and one of our friendly sales representatives will help you.

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