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Great For Any Venue - Commercial Car Slot Track Available For Sale!

Great For Any Venue - Commercial Car Slot Track Available For Sale!
Great For Any Venue - Commercial Car Slot Track Available For Sale!
Remember going to the local car slot club or venue and racing against your friends? The fastest and most skilled car slot racer always took the glory! If you were like some, the pressure was too much and an obstacle or quick turn ended up 'de-slotting' your car and the race was lost..... These days can be still be had! One of our clients is selling their Commercial Car Slot Track, and this is a product you don't want to miss out on!

The Commercial Car Slot Track is an exciting fast-paced car slot racing game for 8 players. Players go head to head using handheld controllers to move their cars around the track as quick as possible. This product is an impressive 12.5M long x 3M wide track with 8 lanes. 8 slot cars, a powered miniature car that is guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs, are also included.

Each player uses a hand-held controller to ignite a low-voltage electric motor hidden within the slot car. Each car runs on a separate lane with its own guide-slot. The challenge in racing slot cars on this machine comes in taking curves as fast as possible without causing the car to lose its grip and spin sideways, or to 'deslot', leaving the track altogether.

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