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The Tempest
Sound Voltex V Clearance
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Game Wizard Mercury 2.0 Just like the Game Wizard Mercury but better. The Game Wizard Mercury 2.0 is a compact machine with the versatility you've come to expect from Arcooda. Enjoy your favorite late model consoles, PC gaming and current arcade VGA combo boards. Touch screen, subwoofer, jamma arcade and supports all current consoles.

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This Is Spinal Tap Pinball Pre-Order
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Spinal Tap Pinball Preorder

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Latest Bulk Offers

Solid Metal Door Key Security Lock Bundle (68 locks - 3 KEYS ONLY)
Solid Metal Door Key Security Lock Bundle (68 locks - 3 KEYS ONLY) A solid metal door lock with key features 5 pins tumbler. This key can be remove only in the locked position.
$150.98 USD
RRP: 270.31 AUD
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Latest Amusement News

Vewlix Clone Chewlix Arcade Machine

Recently we purchased a China made Vewlix clone (Chewlix) arcade machine for a demonstration video. The machine is brand new, the "premium" machine is in red colour with Sanwa joytick and buttons.

11th Jan, 2023 [more]

Sega Daytona USA Arcade Machine with Turbo Function?

Add Turbo button and upgraded car features to your Sega Daytona USA arcade machines today with the GTX upgrade kit. We have a special price of $99 including GST and delivery (Australian customers only) for your twin machine upgrade.

12th Jul, 2021 [more]

Arcade CRT Monitor Warehouse Clearance

It’s time to clear our arcade CRT monitors and chassis boards.  These screens/parts have been sitting in our racking for some time and offered as a bulk clearance, 6pcs for $200aud inc tax.

11th Jan, 2023 [more]

Product Stocklist


32 inch LCD monitor 1080P - T315HB01 V1

SAVE 56%
32 inch LCD monitor 1080P - T315HB01 V1
This 32inch open frame LCD monitor offers 1920 x 1080 full HD with VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs.
Price : 151.00 USD
Available : In Stock
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Sensor Holder H2

SAVE 85%
Sensor Holder H2
A different shaped sensor holder, also mountable.
Price : 0.10 USD
Available : In Stock
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Taiko No Tatsujin 14 Arcade Machine

SAVE 17%
Taiko No Tatsujin 14 Arcade Machine
Taiko no Tatsujin 14 arcade machine is the 14th entry in Namco's drumming series contains a lineup of songs from j-pop to anime. The player uses a simulated taiko drum controller to play the notes of a chosen song's drum part as they are displayed on the screen.
Price : 2895.00 USD
Available : In Stock
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Amusement Machines, Arcade Game Boards & Arcade Spare Parts - Marketplace

Added Today - Added Today
Arcade Machines Price
Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen Arcade Machine Set (2 Seats) 14995.00 USD
Sega Out Run 2 SP Super Deluxe Arcade Machine 2 Player Set 21950.00 USD
WACCA Arcade Machine Offline 3995.00 USD
MaiMai DX Arcade Machine 9289.00 USD
Time Crisis 4 DX Arcade Machine 2695.00 USD
Arcooda 26inch Multiside Cocktail Table 2261.00 USD
26 inch LCD Plastic Arcade Cabinet with 500 Games 940.00 USD
Metal Driving Arcade Cabinet (WMMT4 Style) with Outrun PC Game 1821.00 USD
Mini Pinball Machine with 12 Gottlieb Pinball Tables 440.00 USD
Metal Driving LCD Arcade Shell Cabinet 563.00 USD
Arcade Gameboards/Kits Price
Daytona GTX 2004 Upgrade Kit for Daytona USA 35.00 USD
LAI Relay PCB 4.00 USD
LAI Power Reset PCB 6.00 USD
namco system 22 point ram pcb 6.00 USD
DBSS MK-11 Board 9.00 USD
Bi Colour 4.00 USD
Micro Board 4.00 USD
Namco Link Board 12.00 USD
Assy: Steering Wheel Drvr-RFBD 94.00 USD
Gauntlet Legends Arcade Game Board Atari Original 1038.00 USD
Arcade Parts Price
12 Volt Power Supply for Arcooda Machines 22.00 USD
European standard power cable 1.5m 2.55 USD
Graphics Card For Harley Davidson Machine 160.40 USD
Illuminated Red Service Button For Arcade Machine 1.90 USD
Power Socket IEC Power Connector IEC C14 Inlet 1.55 USD
Fuse Holder For Tempest and Arcooda Machines 2.50 USD
Y782 Lock for Arcooda & Highway Machines 3.75 USD
Sanwa Push Button OBSF-24 Red 2.20 USD
Europe Plug Adapter, White 0.70 USD
5 Pin Harness For Joystick (Suitable for Sanwa and Seimitsu) 1.90 USD

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Amusement Industry News

Sonic Central June '22
<span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">Sega recently held Sonic Central for June 2022</span>
[More Information]

Latest Amusement Product

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 Arcade Machine is a racing and driving video game based off the popular manga series of the same name.

The game features several gameplay modes including:

- Story Mode
- Local Arcade Versus Battle Mode
- Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode
- Time Attack Mode
- Level and Title
[More Information]

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