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Plug and Connector Sale
Plug and Connector Sale
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VR Sense Arcade Machine VR Sense is a virtual reality arcade machine. It is the first VR simulation machine in the world to include in-built gimmicks to stimulate the five senses.

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Latest Amusement News

Candy Cabinets in USA including Tekken LCD Arcade Machines

In USA, we currently have very good condition Net City candy cabinets with games including Super Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoku vs. Capcom, as well as dedicated Tekken 5 and 6 arcade machines.

30th Dec, 2020 [more]

Arcade Game Boards for Sale

After another round of stock take, we have a number of game boards for sale with many hard to find arcade PCBs and game kits. 

12th Feb, 2019 [more]

DIY Arcade Parts On Sale

Big saving available on our DIY arcade parts sale which expires 31st December. Choose from joystick and buttons, to MAME style keyboard emulator packs.

27th Dec, 2019 [more]

Product Stocklist


Coin Controls C220 Electronic Coin Mech - Front Load / Bottom Reject - Pinball Programmed

SAVE 38%
Coin Controls C220 Electronic Coin Mech - Front Load / Bottom Reject - Pinball Programmed
The Coin Controls C220 Electronic Coin Mech with Front Load/Bottom Reject - Pinball Programmed is a United Kingdom manufactured coin mechanism. The unit comes with a 15 pin parallel interface and a 6 pin serial interface. The coin mechanism is programmed to accept Australian Twenty cents, One and Two dollar coins for operation with Arcade Pinball machines.
Price : 45.60 USD
Available : 2-4 weeks
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Pushbutton for Short Arcade Panel with Microswitch - White

SAVE 75%
Pushbutton for Short Arcade Panel with Microswitch - White
A arcade pushbutton for any standard arcade cabinet with a short control panel.
Price : 1.05 USD
Available : In Stock
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Boxer Matrix Main PCB (Jakar)

SAVE 68%
Boxer Matrix Main PCB (Jakar)
A replacement for the main PCB of the Boxer Matrix machine.
Price : 279.85 USD
Available : In Stock
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Amusement Machines, Arcade Game Boards & Arcade Spare Parts - Marketplace

Added Today - Added Today
Arcade Machines Price
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) X Arcade Machine 2950.00 USD
House of the Dead 4 DX Arcade Machine (Clearance) 1595.00 USD
Virtua Cop 3 DX Arcade Machine (Clearance) 850.00 USD
Mario Kart GP Twin Arcade Machine (Clearance) 3950.00 USD
Razing Storm DX Arcade Machine (Clearance) 2950.00 USD
Hummer DX Full Motion Deluxe Twin Set (Clearance) 8995.00 USD
House of the Dead 4 DX Arcade Machine 1595.00 USD
Jam Session Quick Coin Game (Clearance) 650.00 USD
ICE Ball FX Alley Roller Arcade Machine (Clearance) 2200.00 USD
House of the Dead 3 DX (Clearance) 850.00 USD
Arcade Gameboards/Kits Price
Outrun 2013 Game Board 347.00 USD
Point Blank PCB - Faulty 69.00 USD
LAI Relay PCB 4.00 USD
LAI Power Reset PCB 7.00 USD
DBSS MK-11 Board 11.00 USD
Micro Board 4.00 USD
Bi Colour 4.00 USD
Namco Link Board 13.00 USD
Assy: Steering Wheel Drvr-RFBD 105.00 USD
Namco System 22 Point ROM PCB 31.00 USD
Arcade Parts Price
20 Amp Switching Power Supply (Model Number P15CF) 28.00 USD
20 inch LCD Monitor suitable for Lowboy Cabinet or Cocktail Table 234.95 USD
Cash Flow 330 Reference Series Electronic Coin Mech - Bottom Reject 19.30 USD
Stay Cool DDR Metal Header 35.05 USD
Naomi Power Supply 3.3volt with Complete Wiring 66.60 USD
Ocean King Jackpot Game Linking Kit 3295.00 USD
Arcade Stool Chrome with Swivel Seat 38.60 USD
Arcade Stool Chrome with Swivel Seat (Blue) 41.3777 USD
Keys For Game Wizard Xtreme Machine 7.00 USD
S.R Anti-String Electronic Coin Selector - Face Plate - Front Load / Reject 9.10 USD

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Visitor Registration Opens for EAG Online 2021
Visitor registration is now open for the popular business-to-business
trade exhibition, The Entertainment, Attractions & Gaming
International Expo (EAG). Due to the pandemic, the event is taking place
online next year from 27-28 January 2021.
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Latest Amusement Product

Ongeki Arcade Machine
Ongeki is a rhythm arcade machine by Sega. Released in July, 2018, players equip three characters that are unlockable and upgradable through gacha mechanics to defeat booses. These bosses are tied to each song in the game's tracklist.
[More Information]

Trade Show

Entertainment, Amusement & Gaming International Expo (EAG) 2021
EAG, the entertainment, attractions & gaming industry's market-leading annual trade event, is happening online from 27-28 January 2021.
[More Information]
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