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Vewlix Cabinets for Sale Australia Shipment

Vewlix Cabinets for Sale Australia Shipment
Vewlix Cabinets for Sale Australia Shipment
We have container under arrangement which will soon leave for Australia. If you have interest in a brand new 32" Vewlix arcade cabinet please contact us as soon as possible as there are freight savings available.
Container scheduled to sail on 30th May.

Vewlix cabinets are the premium arcade cabinets in the arcade centres with their sleek look and design. The cabinets on offer come with 32" LCD monitor, Sanwa joystick and buttons, adapter boards to allow you to play regular low resolution Jamma games as well as late model Taito X2 boards, ideal for arcade owners wanting to upgrade their old CRT cabinets.

Vewlix L arcade cabinets have been assembled in China using Japan, Taiwanese and Chinese parts to bring costs down - shipment will be of grey/black combination.

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