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Time Crisis III SD Arcade Machines

Time Crisis III SD Arcade Machines
Time Crisis III SD Arcade Machines
New shipment of Time Crisis III SD machines will be available for shipment in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Players of the new versions are treated to longer stages than in Time Crisis 2 and the new Weapon Selection System. When certain enemies or background objects are hit the player will obtain new weapons.

The player is able to switch weapons by using a menu, which appears when pulling the trigger while hiding from the enemy (when the pedal is pressed). The player can change weapons by pulling the trigger again. The player can then continue the game using the new weapon. The weapons cycle like this hand gun - machine gun - shot gun - grenade bullets.

Arcade players also get to see Aricia Winstone (PlayStation2 Heroine), a soldier of the Front of the Liberation and Independence of Lukano. She started action by herself to rescue her brother. She will appear in the Arcade version and cooperate with VSSE. Her own battles and story will be told in the PlayStation 2 version when it is released next year.

For more information and pricing please email us.

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