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XD Theatre 3D Motion Simulator Offer

XD Theatre 3D Motion Simulator Offer
XD Theatre 3D Motion Simulator Offer
We have a XD Theatre 3D Motion Simulator available for sale in Europe for well below the factory asking price. The unit is a used machine in excellent condition. Freight and installation are included in the price. Please contact our sales team for pricing and further information.

XD Theater is a multi-seat 3D motion simulator from TrioTech Amusement. The ride features high definition motion-based entertainment films.

The original XD Theater package includes three 3D films: Cosmic Coaster, a wild roller coaster thrill ride through space; Haunted Mine, a spooky and mysterious adventure ride through an old, haunted and broken-down gold mine; and Arctic Run, a bobsled-coaster ride through the glacial landscapes of the Arctic.

Movies available for the Theater subsequent to its release include: Ocean Jungle, an underwater voyage through towns and submerged caverns with face to face encounters with a giant octopus and prehistoric creatures; Aquaride, an unusual underwater submarine adventure with great white sharks, giant clams and underwater dragons; and Journey through the Center of the Earth, an amazing journey through the underground world and the center of the Earth.

The XD Theater provides fun at a speed of up to 2 G's and boasts an innovative design that can include anywhere from eight seats.

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