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Self Redemption Machines Now Available

Self Redemption Machines Now Available
Self Redemption Machines Now Available
Highway Entertainment is pleased to unveil its new product line, a range of self-redemption machines including Rocket Mini, Tower Candy and Robot Cap. The advantage for the operator with these products is the self-redemption aspect because the machines directly dispense the prizes to the player, eliminating the need for operator supervision.

Rocket Mini is a challenging and exciting game, where players use a spoon to pick-up the prize and place it onto the "rocket" - a pole that goes up to the prize dispenser capsule at the top of the machine and back down to the prize level. If the player can "spoon" a prize onto the rocket, once the rocket reaches the prize dispenser capsule, the capsule closes, and the player can remove the prize. Medium size plush toys are suitable prizes for Rocket Mini.

Two players can use Tower Candy at once, with each player in charge of operating one of the miniature cranes inside the machine to collect their prizes. Lollipops and other candies are appropriate prizes for this machine, and the player uses the crane's claw to grasp the prize, and then must navigate the claw to the exit to release and receive the prize.

Robot Cap is an innovative prize machine allowing players to bulldozer their chosen prizes to the collection area. The playfield area is flat and can be stocked with a number of small novelty prize items. The player controls and moves the wireless robot around the playfield, and uses the robot to push their chosen prize to the exit area.

These games are extremely novel and unique compared to the self-redemption machines currently operating in Australia, and are sure to attract attention and increased interest in prize machines. For more information and pricing please e-mail ">sales at highway dot net dot au.

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