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Sammy Ranger Mission Kits Available from March 2004

Sammy Ranger Mission Kits Available from March 2004
Sammy Ranger Mission Kits Available from March 2004
Sammy's new gun shooting game, Ranger Mission, will be available through Highway Entertainment from March 2004.

Ranger Mission is a gun shooting game where players carry out military training missions within a virtual space setting.

Players earn evaluation points for every mission, and total play ratings are made after each stage. This encourages players to target for higher ratings and aim to win repeatedly.

There are five types of mission objectives including:
  • To defeat enemies in the assigned order
  • To defeat enemies at the 'SHOOT' timing
  • To defeat enemies within the time limit
  • To defeat a specific number of enemies
  • To destroy the giant weapon

    In addition, there are four unique stages:
    Stage 1 Woods
    Stage 2 Skyscraper
    Stage 3 Snowcapped Mountain
    Stage 4 Desert

    Pre-order this hot new game which comes in a kit form including motherboard, game ROM, two shot guns, cables, a manual, player instructions and game header.

    Please contact the Highway Entertainment sales team for more information ">sales at highway dot net dot au
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