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Pump It Up 2015 HDD 2 Upgrade Kit From Andamiro Coming Soon - Taking Pre Orders Now!

Pump It Up 2015 HDD 2 Upgrade Kit From Andamiro Coming Soon - Taking Pre Orders Now!
Pump It Up 2015 HDD 2 Upgrade Kit From Andamiro Coming Soon - Taking Pre Orders Now!
We are happy to announce that we will be selling the Pump It Up 2015 HDD 2 Upgrade Kit, the latest software upgrade for Andamiro's hugely successful line of music and dance games. With this kit you will be able to upgrade your DX, FX, GX, SX and TX Pump It Up Model and breathe new life into your machine and game play. We are currently taking pre-orders for full upgrade kits and game boards, please contact one of our friendly sales team members now to secure stock.

The Pump It Up 2015 Upgrade includes a wide range of new features to suit players of all skill levels and ages, including the dancing game experts and novices. The exciting new features for this upgrade kit include:

  • Network Function Support - Content can now be updated via the network online (it can still be updated via USB as well). This means updates can be distributed quicker and more efficiently than ever before. It also means that updates will be more frequent and can include more content in each update!
  • Monitor Resolution support - PIU now supports both High Definition and Standard Definition monitors with their upgrade kits. HD = 1280 X 720, SD = 640 X 480.
  • Online Ranking System in Real-time! - Players can now see their rankings and rivals in real-time thanks to the online network system. There are also various categories for players to compete in, including Top Score Ranking and Top 10 Step Charts.
  • New Game Play Modes - Players still have the BASIC MODE (for new and light players) and the FULL MODE (for professional players), but there is also two new modes included in the PIU 2015 game play: Rank Mode - mania and professional mode for those over 13 Step Level; and Quest Mode - an update of the existing Mission Mode.
  • Largest Number of New Songs in PIU History - over 8- new songs, including KPOP songs and original titles, plus 28 new songs included on the HDD. Also, there will be a monthly 2 song update, released online via the network, which is a total of 52 songs over 18 months!

For more information on this product, to make an inquiry, or to pre-order please: follow this link

Please Note: Full Upgrade Kits and Game Boards will be available from the 18th November. We are accepting pre-orders now, so contact our sales team to secure stock

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