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Namco Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Machine Release Date

Namco Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Machine Release Date
Namco Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Machine Release Date
Namco Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade Machines are scheduled for release in December this year, however order closing date is on 6th June. Key features include worldwide networking through internet, Namco's new "Bana-Passport" player cards and live monitor data feature.

To maximise the machine and network connection performance, "Live Monitor" has been introduced which is a library of each site, each country or each region's top 20 players data. This can be researched and replayed, together with comparing with other players. Top players have certain fight styles and players can now refer and learn the latest movements.

For many years, Japan has operated on network and live content updates to machines in the arcade centres and its the first time that Namco is introducing content management to the world market. The key points for operators are;

  • you must have internet connection for this game to work (the game cannot work offline)
  • you must have the game board charged via prepaid cards, ie, you buy charge cards which add "points" to your game board. Each time a player using the machine, 5 points are deducted. If your game board has zero points, the game stops working
  • weekly/monthly live updates are given to the game board introducing new characters, venues, combo moves and more. These updates occur automatically without the need for the game owner to manually update their machines.

Please therefore note, if your machine is offline or not charged with credit, it will not work. Points cards (1 card = 10,000 points) for operators can be purchased and once installed into the machine will transfer credit onto the gameboard.

There is a number of configurations available including full dedicated machines with live servers to standard game kit. To review the different products, please follow this link .

Closing date for all dedicated machines orders is June 6th for delivery in December. Namco is very strict with their deadlines, if you miss the cutoff, we estimate the next following production will be either released in March or June 2012. Game kits will be (to our estimates) released in June 2012.

For more details and to order your equipment, please contact our sales team.

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