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King of Treasures Plus English Version Arcade Game Now In Stock!

King of Treasures Plus English Version Arcade Game Now In Stock!
King of Treasures Plus English Version Arcade Game Now In Stock!
Through Highway Games, we are now taking orders and shipping the latest English Version game in the long running Ocean King Series. The King of Treasures Plus arcade game is available as an upgrade kit, or as a dedicated 6 or 8 player arcade machine.

King of Treasures Plus English Version fish hunting game features 3D rendered ocean playfields with many beautifully detailed underwater stages, multiple input and output options for operators and players to choose from, and several mini games that require a strategic mind and sharp reflexes. For those Ocean King veterans, the games will be familiar, and include; Lightning Chain, Vortex Fish, Explosive Crab, Laser Crab, and Roulette Crab. These mini games will appear at random times during the game and give players either an advantage or bonus points.

King of Treasures Plus English Version introduces an exciting new character - The Fire Dragon! The Fire Dragon is a large-scale character, nearly taking up the whole screen and is a very difficult to catch! Players will have to use their collective fire power to take this bug guy out, but only one will take home the coin! This high stake competitive game play will have customers returning for repeat play and to try and win the jackpot for themselves!

For operators, the King of Treasures Plus arcade game features a number of operational and setting changes, that allow the operator to customise the machine to the needs of their specific location and players. This makes the game more lucrative and suitable for a wider range of venues.

For more information about the King of Treasures Plus Arcade Game or related services such as profit sharing, contact or phone +612 4968 9313.

Highway Games was the first to distribute King of Treasures Arcade Machine English Version software into the USA, Australia, and Europe. They are aware of unauthorised copied reproductions of this game being marketed as King of Treasures or variations, especially from China market sellers. If you are unsure whether or not what you are buying is a copy product, please contact our sales team for assistance.

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