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Introducing Star Craft Video Redemption Arcade Machine!

Introducing Star Craft Video Redemption Arcade Machine!
Introducing Star Craft Video Redemption Arcade Machine!
Are you a fan of Ocean King, Fish Hunter Plus or Forest of Magic games and looking for something different? Well look no further, following on from the successful chain of video redemption games comes Star Craft. Star Craft is a six player video redemption arcade machine with a spaceship theme. In this galactic shooter, players go head-to-head in a thrilling space adventure in order to win points and earn big!

During Star Craft players control a fighter space jet, protected by a powerful force field. Players are able to fly around the screen, shooting at the immense amount of figher jets, spaceships and flying monsters that cross their path. Players receive coins for every ship and creature they destroy however with all risk verse reward games, the bigger they are, the harder they are to kill. Players must be on their toes and keep their eyes peeled for unsuspecting enemies!!

In addition to this, players are able to switch between weapons and game modes during any point in the game. There are two modes of game play in Star Craft: shooting mode and spaceship mode! This makes Star Craft a little more exciting with multiple game play options and outcomes.

With the large success that games such as Ocean King and Fish Hunter Plus has already accomplished, Star Craft is destined to be a smash hit with players. Furthermore with the galactic style theme, customers will be drawn to this new era of video redemption arcade machines and will be addicted to its risk verse reward space shooter game play.

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