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Internet USB Coin Mech

Internet USB Coin Mech
Internet USB Coin Mech
Connect this Internet ready USB coin mech to your computer via your USB port. This coin mech comes internet ready with the necessary cables (including USB connector, but not RS232/serial), a CD with software, instruction sheet and mounting bolts (4).

An intelligent multi-coin selector that can memorise and recognise 5 different types of coins with different signals; it can be connected to a computer by an RS-232 interface or USB adapter.

The product is designed to output the signals in digital byte that can then be recognised by the computer, it also comes with an alarm system to prevent theft.The coins and their values are user programmable. A microprocessor controlled coin mechanism capable of being programmed to recognize 5 different coins. The coins and their values are user programmable.

Note : this mechanism is not suited to Australian 5c or 50c coins (10c, 20c, $1 and $2 accepted).

For more information please follow the below link or contact our sales team;
ID#5851 - Internet USB Coin Selector

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