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Cyber Lead Cabinets

Cyber Lead Cabinets
Cyber Lead Cabinets
Currently we have a wide selection of Cyber Lead sit down arcade cabinets in stock including empty cabinets and cabinets with game boards.

Cyber Lead cabinets are feature packed, compact 29 inch sit down cabinets manufactured by Namco and equipped with a deluxe 15K/24K dual resolution monitor. The monitor picture can also be displayed on any TV capable of showing an NTSC source. Two cabinets can be networked together allowing two players to compete or play cooperatively in the same game. A special link cable is required to connect the machines, and is available for an additional charge upon request.

Another feature of the Cyber Lead cabinets is the specially designed LED panel embedded into the header of the cabinet which can be set to display pricing and advertising. For cabinets using Namco game boards - graphics, information from the game and the score can be displayed on the LED panel. These cabinets have a hinged control panel that flips out, providing operators with easy access for button and micro switch replacement, as well as degaussing, volume control and monitor adjustments. The front and back panels are fully detachable allowing direct access to the spacious interior of the cabinet.

Cyber Lead cabinets boast rear wheels, affording them ease of movement to new locations; while their front castors offer stability in a stationary position. These cabinets are horizontal (left to right) orientated screen only. The monitors cannot be rotated for vertical games. Cyber Lead are suitable for MAME, home or arcade operators.

To view our full stock levels of empty Cyber Lead cabinets, please Click Here
To view our full range of Cyber Leads available with game boards, please Click Here

PICTURED: In the tennis game Smash Court Pro Tournament (pictured), the server can be displayed on the LED panel.

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