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Chase H.Q 2 - Available End of Year

Chase H.Q 2 - Available End of Year
Chase H.Q 2 - Available End of Year
Chase H.Q 2 is Taito Corporations latest machine. Chase H.Q 2 is an upgraded version of the original classic 80's arcade racing game Chase H.Q. We are currently taking orders for the Chase H.Q 2 machine which will be ready for delivery in December.

Although sold in single seats, up to two machines can be linked together. This allows two players to compete against each other simultaneously in the ultimate head to head clash.

Like previous installments, the game play of Chase H.Q 2 involves the player assuming the role of a police officer, with the sole purpose of chasing down criminals and stopping them in their tracks. Chase H.Q 2 will also include several new features, such as the ability to pick up nitrous which gives you an extra advantage, and the inclusion of a lifelike Nancy character who offers guidance in English to help the player catch the bad guys.

Chase H.Q 2 features different style cars, courses and villains. The machine also features a reactive steering wheel with a realistic driving sensation, and 'Body Sonic' deep bass speakers.

For more information please contact our sales staff.

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