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Bulk Stern Pinball Parts Available

Bulk Stern Pinball Parts Available
Bulk Stern Pinball Parts Available
We've clearing out our Stern pinball parts and have a bulk offer available. Currently retailing for $2200 AUD, our bulk offer is available for $800 AUD. If you are interested, please contact sales at highway dot net dot au.

Parts Include:

090-5001-ND 23-800 Coil x1
090-5020-30-ND 22-900 Flipper Coil x1
090-5030-ND 23-1100 Flipper Coil x1
090-5032-ND 22-1080 Flipper Coil x1
090-5036-ND 24-940 Coil x1
090-5044-ND 26-1200 Coil x1
110-0067-00 TIP122 - Transistor NPN 100V 5A TO-220 x2
110-0106-00 STP20N10L MOSFET - Transistor - N Mosfet 100v 22a TO-220 110-0106-00 x2
112-5003-00 1N4004 DIODE x6
165-5000-44-HF #44 Bulb, Clear Heavy Filament x356
165-5000-89-HF #89 Bulb, Clear Heavy Filament x105
165-5002-00 #555 Wedge Base Bulb, Clear x412
165-5011-01 Flourescent Starter (FS2 Light) x1
165-5053-02-HF #44 Bayonet Bulb, Red x2
165-5053-03-HF #44 Bayonet Bulb, Amber x9
165-5053-04-HF #44 Bayonet Bulb, Green x2
165-5053-05-HF #44 Bayonet Bulb, Blue x5
165-5053-06-HF #44 Bayonet Bulb, Yellow x15
165-5054-02 #555 Wedge Base Bulb, Red x2
165-5054-03 #555 Wedge Base Bulb, Amber x4
165-5054-04 #555 Wedge Base Bulb, Green x2
165-5054-05 #555 Wedge Base Bulb, Blue x2
165-5054-06 #555 Wedge Base Bulb, Yellow x2
180-5119-02 Trough Switch x1
180-5209-00 Vuk Switch x1
200-5000-01 5A 250V Slo-Blo Fuse x35
200-5000-03 7A 250V Slo-Blo Fuse x35
200-5000-05 8A 250V Slo-Blo Fuse x30
200-5000-06 4A 250V Slo-Blo Fuse x35
200-5000-08 3A 250V Slo-Blo Fuse x35
260-5000-00 Steel Balls x21
266-5010-00 Barrel (Compression) Spring x8
500-6307-10 Flipper Rebuild Kit Left x8
500-6307-00 Flipper Rebuild Kit Right x8
500-6775-01 Transceiver Bd. x2
515-0173-00 Dual Opto Transmitter Bd. x1
515-0174-00 Dual Opto Receiver Bd. x1
520-5239-01 Opto Amplifier Bd. x1
545-5207-00 Small Flipper Rubber Black x6
545-5277-00 Large Flipper Rubber Black x19
545-5277-22 Large Flipper Rubber Red x5
545-5308-07 Rubber Ring, 1 1/2" I.D. Black x9
545-5348-01 Rubber Ring, 3/16" I.D. Black x20
545-5348-02 Rubber Ring, 5/16" I.D. Black x12
545-5348-03 Rubber Ring, 3/8" I.D. Black x11
545-5348-04 Rubber Ring, 3/4" I.D. Black x6
545-5348-05 Rubber Ring, 1" I.D. Black x10
545-5348-06 Rubber Ring, 1 1/4" I.D. Black x19
545-5348-08 Rubber Ring, 2" I.D. Black x62
545-5348-09 Rubber Ring, 2 1/2" I.D. Black x31
545-5348-17 Rubber Ring, 7/16" O.D. Black x387
545-5348-20 Rubber Ring, 2 3/4" Black x7
675-0003-01 Playfield Wax, 8oz Bottle x7


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