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Arcooda's EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm

Arcooda's EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm
Arcooda's EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm
Arcooda's EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm is coming soon for release. This alarm has been created to stop theft from happening in amusement, gaming and vending machines.

How common are cheating devices you ask? They are becoming more common each day. Cheaters now have access to devices that allow them to steal from coin operated machines.

These devices cheaters work by sending an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or signal to the pay in module which tricks the machine into thinking it has received payment.

With this sort of device becoming more common, Arcooda have developed an Anti-Cheater Alarm. The alarm works by sending out a sound to alert staff of the cheater's presence and staff can come in a clean up the cheating mess (Employee of the month style). The system can be placed inside the machine to catch the cheats in the act or on the exterior as a deterrent to would-be cheaters.

The Anti-Cheater alarm also keeps a track of how many times a cheating device has been detected, so if a machine is rented to a venue the owner can keep track of the attempted thefts. The number of theft attempts are recorded by a counter and each time the anti-cheater device is activated the alarm will immediately turn on and a +1 is added to the counter.

When the Anti-Cheater alarm goes off, the alarm will sound for 10 minutes or until the machine is switched off.

Want to see how it works? Check out our Youtube Video below.

If you have ever been worried about theft or your Coin-Operated Machines feel violated, now is the time to invest in The Arcooda EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm.

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