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Arcade Player Instructions Bundle Offer

Arcade Player Instructions Bundle Offer
Arcade Player Instructions Bundle Offer
Highway Entertainment are now offering Arcade Player Instruction Bundles at unbelievable prices. There are seven bundle sets with varied ranges that need to be sold as soon as possible.

The bundle sets include:

* Bundle Set 1 includes quite a variety of player instruction titles, such as Art of Fight8ing, Cyberbots, Dark Stalkers and Dead or Alive 2.

* Bundle Set 2 has a few classics included, such as Decathlete, Galaga, Hat Trick and Fighting Vipers.

* Bundle Set 3 includes player instructions for renown fighting titles King of Fighters, Last Blade II and Kung Fu Master.

* Bundle Set 4 includes a more varied mixture, including Last Bronx Player, Marvel Super Heroes and Midnight Resistance.

* Bundle Set 5 is another mix bag of titles, such as NBA Jam, Real Bout 2 and Rival Schools.

* Bundle Set 6 includes some super fun and popular titles, such as Sonic Wings 3, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus, Tekken Tag Tournament and Trog; and...

* Bundle Set 7 includes a number of arcade favourites, such as Vendetta, Virtua Striker, Virtua Tennis, Zombie Revenge and WWF Royal Rumble.

All player instructions are sold in as-is condition (new, used, etc) and all are now less than half of their original price. If you would like to check out the prices and view the different bundles on offer, simply click on the Bundle Set links above.

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