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Arcade Game Boards for Sale

Arcade Game Boards for Sale
Arcade Game Boards for Sale
We have arcade game boards and kits arriving soon which can be used to upgrade your existing machines, or, to repair faulty machines you might have. Some of the arcade kits will include additional parts such as motorised steering wheels, guns, artwork. The titles available are;

The Fast and Furious Game Board
The Fast and the Furious is a driving game themed on the feature film of the same name and based around 12 street courses located in the United States. Players can receive bonus points when they perform stunts including wheelies, side wheelies, flips, heli's, rolls, vaults and 360's. The game features three levels of difficulty and a choice of 17 different vehicles.

Time Crisis 4 Game Board
Time Crisis 4 features an immerse, voice navigation system, which allows in-game characters to talk directly to the player and submerging them deep in a compelling storyline with advice on tactical response and weapon selection. There's also an arsenal of new weapons, ranging from the pistol, rifle, machine gun and the devastating bio weapon 'The Terror Bite'. TC4 is enhanced even further using, for the first time, Multi-Screen Battle technology. This allows players to change their scene perspective and develop their own unique, evolving TC4 strategy.

Sega Race TV Game Board
Sega Race TV Driving Arcade Machine English Version is a racer with a distinct American theme. The game runs on the Lindbergh system hardware, and allows for up to four players to race together across five different courses.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
Mario Kart 2 features 32 variations of courses across eight different worlds, with the ability to link up to four players. Multi-player is a blast, and is even more fun than before in single play.

Nicktoons Nitro Game Board
Nicktoons Nitro Racing is a racing game which features Nickelodeon Nicktoons characters including Invader Zim, Spongebob Squarepants, Timmy Turner, and Jimmy Neutron. There are seven tracks to race on, all of which were inspired by the Nicktoon TV shows.

Aliens Extermination Game Board
Aliens Extermination is based after the events of the Aliens movies, with the marines return to planet LV-426 to finish off the Aliens menace. The colonial marines will face Face Huggers, Warrior Aliens, and Hatching Eggs. To meet this threat they are equipped with a state of the art arsenal including an M41-A Pulse Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, and a Missile Launcher. Power-ups are also available for health, Ammo, Grenades, Missiles, and Flame Canisters.

Multiple arcade game boards and kits are available, please contact our sales team for more information.

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