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Arcade Machines

Driving Machines

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Arcade Driving Machines and cabinets including a variety of car and motorbike racing arcade machines. We stock in Australia all types of arcade driving machines including twin, upright, deluxe and super deluxe models; as well as cabinets that can be linked together.

Driving Machines - Hardware: Sega Naomi 2 GD Rom
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Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 SD Arcade Machine

Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 SD Arcade Machine

Initial D 3 is a one-on-one race game which takes place on a mountain course. Based around the characters from a famous comic strip, the players goal is to beat the rival and become the legendary fastest driver.

  • Ships From : Hong Kong
  • Availability : In Stock

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3700.00 USD
Wild Riders

Wild Riders

Wild Riders is a motorcycle chase game with impressive cell shaded graphics. The player takes the role of a one of two riders, Keith Raven or Trish Moon who are both on the run from the law.

  • Ships From : Japan, United States
  • Availability : In Stock
  • Condition : Reconditioned

1375.00 - 1862.30 USD
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