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This unit will enhance the picture quality of your tv by utilising the RGB input of your TV.

SCART Sync Separator (CSR-2200)

SCART Sync Separator (CSR-2200)

Product ID : 02014-0001
Price : 119.60 USD (Change Currency)
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About SCART Sync Separator (CSR-2200)

This unit will enhance the picture quality of your tv by utilising the RGB input of your TV.

Unit Dimensions :15.0W x 7.5D x 3.0H cms Condition :New
Shipping Weight :0.760 kg Physical Weight :0.760 kg
Location :Australia Warranty :12 Months
Product Type :Converters   

More About SCART Sync Separator (CSR-2200)

  • Operates in PAL, PAL M, PAL N, NTSC, NTSC 4.43, SECAM.
  • Enhances picture quality by utilising RGB input of your TV.
  • Ideal for use with TVs that accepts 15KHz RGB input.

  • Input signal: 1 scart jack which contains:
  • 1 Composite Video: 1 Vp-p 75 ohm
  • 1 RGB: 0.7 VP-p 75 ohm
  • Output Signal: 15 pin D connector with pin configuration as below:
  • Pin 1: R: 0.7 VP-p 75 ohm
  • Pin 2: G: 0.7 VP-p 75 ohm
  • Pin 3: B: 0.7 VP-p 75 ohm
  • Pin 13: H+V 5 Vp-p/15KHz 1K ohm
  • Pin 14: V: 5 VP-p 1K ohm
  • Power: 7.5V DC 500mA

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SCART Sync Separator (CSR-2200) - Actual Screenshots

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