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Only 3 Left In Stock! Xtreme Gaming Xbox 360 Upright Cabinet Now Less Than Half Price!

Date: 06/05/15

Only 3 Left In Stock! Xtreme Gaming Xbox 360 Upright Cabinet Now Less Than Half Price! Enjoy playing your favourite Xbox360 games but also enjoy the authentic arcade feel? Well we have the product for you, the Xtreme Gaming Xbox 360 Upright Cabinet marries together the Xbox 360 and Arcade, in machine that will provide hours of entertainment. Perfect for a games room, man-cave, arcade center or commercial location, these units are priced to go and are now well below half price! There are only 3 cabinets left in stock, so buy now before you miss out!

The Xtreme Gaming Xbox 360 Upright Cabinet allows you to play your favourite Xbox 360 Games inside of an authentic arcade cabinet, complete with proper arcade controls (Xbox 360 not included)! The cabinet works especially well with Fighting Games, Shoot-em-ups, and retro arcade classics, although any Xbox 360 game can be enjoyed with the machine.

The Xtreme Gaming Xbox 360 Upright Cabinet is great players who want to experience that arcade feeling whilst playing the latest release Xbox 360 games. Games such as Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6 and Blazblue are perfect for this unit! Just imagine using arcade perfect controls on the latest fighting and arcade style games, in the comfort of your own home.

The machine features a 2 Player control panel each with a Joystick (Sanwa), 8 buttons and 2 analog trackballs. The top header is also able to be customised use your own artwork to personalise your machine, or remove the header altogether. The machine has a Free Play option, and to add to the authentic arcade feeling a coin mech is also included, allowing players to add credits for game time if you so wish.

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