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Wide Range Of New Arcade Machines Available - Lowest Price Guarantee!

Date: 06/07/15

Wide Range Of New Arcade Machines Available - Lowest Price Guarantee! We have an exciting range of brand new arcade machines available including Monster Eye 5D, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Razing Storm DX, Time Crisis 5 DX, TeraToma, SnoCross, Overtake, Storm Racer G and more! All machines are brand new, shipping from Asia and have our lowest price guarantee!

Our latest offers include racing games, shooting games, redemption games and simulators such as:

Funky Gators Arcade Machine: is the sequel to the childhood classic 'Wacky Gators'. The concept of the gameplay has carried through, with players taking a soft hammer and then trying to 'whack' all the funky gators. Quick response timing is a key factor Funky Gators, this in itself makes the game quite fun and exciting for kids as they test their speed against alligator head after alligator head.

Animal Kingdom 2 Player Arcade Machine: is a push and drop cube game similar to the popular Tetris video game. It is designed for two players and can be linked with another cabinet for four player compatibility. In Animal Kingdom, different drop cubes fall down the playfield in the same fashion as traditional Tetris, however the game includes a number of exciting mini-games to keep players strategizing and engaged! Animal Kingdom is fun and challenging for people of all ages and skill levels, and will attract players from all across the floor.

Barrel of Monkeys Arcade Machine: is a kid-friendly video redemption arcade machine with easy game play and is based on the classic game by Hasbro. It also introduces "Cheeky Monkey", the purple monkey, Hasbro's newest character! In the Barrel Of Monkeys, different monkeys are worth different amounts and the player simply links monkeys together to win tickets. The Gold Monkey is the 10th monkey, which has the bonus - link all 10 monkeys, and players go to a "secret" chamber, where the "Bonus Show" begins.

Tank! Tank! Tank! Arcade Machine: is a driving style cabinet in which players either battle each other or shoot down monsters terrorizing the city! The stages in Tank! Tank! Tank! feature destructible environments, and there are a range of weapons including plasma bolt, missiles, machine gun and a mega-beam. The seat and steering handle of the machine move in sync with your shots, with the cabinets movement powered by an air compression unit. The controls are simple and accessible. There are two pedals - one which moves the tank forward, and one which moves the tank backwards. Players use the handle to steer their tank, and press the buttons on the handle to shoot their tank missiles.

Razing Storm DX Arcade Machine: is a Deluxe futuristic, 2 player shooting game in which players must work together to defeat terrorists. Razing Storm is set in the year 2030 and players are part of a Special Forces unit known as SCAR, based in South America. Their job is eliminate terrorists threats. Like the famous Time Crisis game, Razing Storm's game play revolves around the use of the action pedal. Players step on the pedal to attack, and then release it to hide and reload. Buildings, furniture, windows, appliances, everything can be destroyed - plus other firearms such as the Cluster Shot Gun and Rocket Launcher come into play in other levels of the game!

Time Crisis 5 DX Arcade Machine (Chinese Version): is a 2 player, light-gun, deluxe cabinet and is the fifth installment of the popular Time Crisis series. In Time Crisis 5, players can play together cooperatively or go solo as they shoot their way through 3 stages! The stages include the Resort ("Rampage in the resort!"), the Helicopter stage ("Board an assault heli and level massive damage!"), and the Motorcycle stage ("High speed battle on motorcycles!").

Terminator Salvation 32" Arcade Machine: is a two player shooting game from Play Mechanix based on the hit movie starring Christian Bale from the extremely popular Terminator franchise Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous. Experience in-your-face action with a 32" LCD screen and fixed gun module. Terminator Salvation is set in a dystopic future ruled by machines and players are thrown players right in the grit of it where they must defeat a hoard of T-600 robots determined to terminate them. Players can expand their arsenal by picking up weapons, explore different levels of the games, power up their characters as the challenges increase in frequency and difficulty.

TeraToma: The Last Rebellion Arcade Machine: is an exciting science-fiction themed light-gun shooting game. In TeraToma, players their guns to select from 5 different types of science fiction-themed games titles, including: Underground Poor Residential Zones, Old Underground Channels, Railways, Drowned Areas, and Ruling State Base - The Queen's Hatchery.

Monster Eye 5D Deluxe Theater Cabinet Arcade Machine: is an impressive 2 player shooting game arcade machine full of exciting simulation features. Monster Eye 5D is a highly immersive game which has players on the edge of their seat as they shoot their way through 5 stages, including Ocean Park, Forest Train, Chinatown, Central Station, and a Secret Stage. It also features an awesome weapon called the Energy Blast, which players can activate by pressing the 'S' button.

SnoCross Winter X Games Arcade Machine: is an exciting snow racing game from Raw Thrills that provides a real time racing experience! SnoCross comes with a 42" LCD screen to display the high definition graphics, and a motion seat that helps provide a realistic racing experience. SnoCross has the ability to link up to 8 seats, so players can play on their own to master tricks or they can link with friends for a fun and friendly competition. Players have the choice of six snowmobile racers or 6 sleds, as well as seven race courses such as France, Antarctica, China, Washington D.C., Alaska, Moscow and Colorado. Custom upgrades are also available in the game.

Overtake Driving Arcade Machine: is a fun street racing video arcade game where players have the choice of riding solo, competing against the computer, or enter a heated head-to-head competition with up to 3 friends. In Overtake, players can choose from 6 popular racers, and each vehicle has distinctive features, such as various types of Turbo Jet Boosts, that create a high intensity race. The player's ability to remodel their cars in unique ways, enhances the player's enjoyment, as well as providing customisation options for experienced players who desire more choice and options in their game. Overtake also features 3 game modes, including Time Trial, Race Mode and Multiplayer Mode!

Hopping Road Arcade Machine: is a novelty video game from Taito. The cabinet has a platform to stand on, and a stick and handlebars for the player to hold onto. It is meant to replicate a pogo stick, with players bouncing on the platform to control their character as they race through a course on a pogo stick. There are a variety of different pickups to collect during the race to give you an edge over your competitors. These include 'Happy Jewelry' which increases your hopping speed, and a Super Jump pickup which allows your character to jump a great distance. There are 4 different courses to race on, and players choose from on of 8 characters to play as.

Storm Racer G Arcade Driving Machine: is an arcade driving machine that takes arcade racing to the next level of fun and excitement with its super fast driving experience. In Storm Racer G, players can race up to 14 different cars in either with automatic and manual transmission, across 12 different tracks! Each car is unique with it's own strengths and weaknesses, which provides more choice and different cars to suit all styles of racing!

Danz Base Arcade Machine: is an exciting music, dance and rhythm game in which players must mimic the avatars on screen in time, in order to pass songs and get the highest score. Danz Base is an interactive two player arcade dance machine which features motion sensing, interactive light and double woofer functions. Furthermore, 4 players are able to play at the same time through the Global Network function. Danz Base Arcade Machine includes popular songs from across the globe including America, Europe, Korea, Japan and China.

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