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Sega Hummer SD Arcade Machine Now Available

Date: 16/12/09

Sega Hummer SD Arcade Machine Now Available Hummer: Extreme Edition SD, the standard version of Sega's big hit driving game is now available. Hummer is an off-road racing game, licensed by General Motors, that puts you behind the wheel of a Hummer SUV. Players must navigate a variety of different terrains including snow, mud, and dirt.

Courses available are Bluster Canyon (beginner), Isolated Jungle (intermediate), Calibou Valley (advanced), and Industrial Hill (pro). There are various obstacles throughout each course which can be destroyed to accumulate boost. Once the gauge reaches maximum, players can use the boost button which makes the player speed up and become indestructible for a short period of time.

The standard model features a 32 inch high resolution LCD monitor and is linkable with up to four machines.

Please contact our sales team for pricing and ordering information.

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