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Sega Daytona USA Arcade Machine with Turbo Function?

Date: 12/07/21

Sega Daytona USA Arcade Machine with Turbo Function?
Add Turbo button and upgraded car features to your Sega Daytona USA arcade machines today with the GTX upgrade kit. We have a special price of $99 including GST and delivery (Australian customers only) for your twin machine upgrade.

Each player now gets turbo button with guage meter - keep the start button pressed down to achieve speeds over 500mph....

Also, players accrue points when playing Daytona GTX through this new Upgrade
Kit, and then may redeem these points in return for enhancements made to
their car. At the end of their game, players are given a PIN number,
which they enter when they return to play the game again.

To receive the special pricing, please contact our sales team.

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