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Big Savings on Ticket Redemption Machines

Date: 13/03/20

Big Savings on Ticket Redemption Machines
Big savings are available on a range of Ticket Redemption Machines
from China. Many factories have excess stock and can offer big
discounts, especially on container quantity orders. If you are in the
market for basketball, token, bowling and other ticket redemption
machines, now is the time to order.

Due to the Corona Virus situation, factories have been unable to attend trade events, promote their new equipment or talk face to face with their clients to sell excess stock. Its a great chance to order games. We have been asked not to print prices online, but if you are ready to order please contact us and we will send you all information included the greatly discounted pricing. Games such as Tubin Twist Ticket Redemption Machines are on HOT SALE....

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