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Ocean King English Version Arcade Game Board Kits On Sale

Date: 29/12/14

Ocean King English Version Arcade Game Board Kits On Sale The Ocean King English Version Arcade Game Board Kits are now on sale with huge price drops, which means loads of savings for customers!

The kit is a Highway exclusive, English language version of Ocean King, which can be used to upgrade your old fish hunting game cabinets to this popular and successful game. Since it's release Ocean King has proven time and again that is the ultimate earner in any location, with operators reporting huge boosts in revenue after upgrading to the Ocean King game.

The game features a plethora of fun, fishy characters which players must try to capture with their net guns. Different fish are worth different points, and players have three kinds of super guns to help them catch different fish and become the ocean king! There are also a range of mini games for players to enjoy, which can also help them to catch fish or earn points/credits.

The kit includes:

  • Game board (english version with upgraded software for note acceptor and thermal printer)
  • Full cabinet artwork

This game board can be used in a range of 6 player cabinets to upgrade or recondition your machine. The kit can be used in the following machines: Fish Hunter Plus EP Edition with Note Acceptor and Thermal Printer , Fish Hunter Plus EP Edition Arcade Machine, Fish Hunter Plus (6 player), Fish Hunter, Shark King 2 Arcade Machine, and Ocean King Arcade Machine.

The current price of the Ocean King English Version Arcade Game Board Kits has dropped to $1995 - a huge saving of over $1000 in total! If you are interested in purchasing this kit, please inquire with our friendly staff today.

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