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Lets Go Jungle Mini Theatre For Sale

Date: 08/07/09

Lets Go Jungle Mini Theatre For Sale We have one unit of Sega's Lets Go Jungle Mini Theatre available for $58,000usd. The machine is located in Europe. It is 220v, used and in very good condition.

Lets Go Jungle Special is a motion based version of Sega's popular Lets Go Jungle game. The cabinet features a variety of enhancements which aim to further immerse the player in the lush jungle environments.

The machine features a 2 player moving seat which spins 360 degrees, two 2.5m screens, cinematic sound, and reactive controls. The game also features realistic air jets which blast players as they play the game.

Although the cabinet is enhanced, the game play remains the same as the original. Armed with only a hunting rifle, players need to make it through the jungle alive, with players able to play solo or work in pairs to overcome a series of high tension, action packed obstacles.

For photographs or more information, please see this link or contact our sales team.

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