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Incredible Arcade Driving Machine Bulk Offer - 3 x Road Fighters 3D For Less Than $9000!!

Date: 31/03/15

Incredible Arcade Driving Machine Bulk Offer - 3 x Road Fighters 3D For Less Than $9000!! Have you been looking for something different, something to give your venue that "wow" factor? Well look no further, we have an amazing bulk offer that is too good to miss! We have 3 x Konami Road Fighters Machines for less than $9000 (that's less than $3000 per machine).

Road Fighters is an exciting 3D racing game from Konami. The cabinet has a set of 3D glasses mounted to the machine and two 'peep-holes' built into the seat to allow spectators to view the action in 3D also. Players can also play the game in 2D as well as switch between 2D and 3D modes with the press of a button.

Player's can choose between a diverse line-up of licensed cars, including the Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro, BMW M3 Sedan, Ford MUSTANG GT, MAZDA ROADSTER RS, Mercedes-Benz S600, MINI Cooper S, IMPREZA WRX STI and many others. Players also have eleven different courses with varying difficulties to select from. Furthermore, Road Fighters features five different game modes, including: the Road Fighter Challenge (a mission mode where to pick a character and race against bosses to win medals and dress up parts for your car), Online Multiplayer, Battle Mode (where players can race against their friends), Time Attack and Event (online tournaments are periodically held).

All three machines are in great working condition and perfect for any arcade center or commercial venue. These are truly unique machines that are selling well below retail market value, for more information or to make an inquiry please follow this link

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