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Hunting Master Arcade Machine Now Available!

Date: 17/08/15

Hunting Master Arcade Machine Now Available! If you're a fan of video redemption machines such as the Ocean King series, King of Treasures, Ocean Star series and Seafood Paradise series, then this is a game for you. The Hunting Master Arcade Machine is a 6 player video redemption cabinet with an animal hunting theme which features an array of weapons and mini games for players to enjoy.

The Hunting Master gameplay features gorgeous jungle, fossil or Aztec inspired scenery, and is full of fun, cute, and sometimes dangerous looking animal characters! These characters include Flying dinosaurs and robot boss characters, ground dinosaurs, bears, tigers, hogs, foxes, rabbits, bats, mice, and more!

The weapons include the Cumulative Super Gun, Laser Gun, Super Missiles, Full Screen Super Bomb, and other weapons upgrade (there are 8 in total). Mini games include single and linking match games for versus and/or co-operative play, including Pambu Frog, Separate Beetle, Catch Mouse, Free Game, and Luck Little Wheel. There are also 4 hunting games which can be played by all 6 played at once, including Mission Model, Prize Boss, Cumulative Stars Ultimate Prize, and Challenge Prize.

Hunting Master is unique in terms of the game play interaction between players, plus it's bright cabinet design, simple game play concept, and challenging features make this game appealing for players and encourages repeat play. This type of machine earns best in medium to large sized locations, such as bigger street locations and Family Entertainment Centers.

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