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Huge Clearance Sale On Selected Andamiro Arcade Machines!

Date: 02/07/15

Huge Clearance Sale On Selected Andamiro Arcade Machines! We have received hot pricing on Andamiro Arcade Machines such as Winners Cube DX, Pump Jump, Penalty Shot DX and Color Rangers. All machines are brand new and priced to go. These offers will not last long, so get in now before you miss out!

The machines included in the Andamiro Arcade Machine Clearance Offer are as follows;

* Pump Jump: Pump Jump is a kids dance arcade machine and is part of the popular Pump it up series. This version is aimed specifically at young children and includes a child friendly interface with fun music. The design of the cabinet has a very low monitor so that children of all ages can participate. The dancefloor uses images such as palm prints and apples instead of the usual arrows. The game offers very easy levels designed for young children with the music selection including a range of kid friendly tunes and familiar Pump it up songs.

* Penalty Shot Deluxe: Penalty Shot Ticket Redemption Game is a fun arcade machine that sports fans will enjoy. This computerized indoor kicking game machine will bring an energetic aura and compelling excitement in every location. With patent spring system on the ball holder and urethane covers, Penalty Shot promises fun and safety to all ages. Vivid displays of players scores are portrayed after each kick and when a previous high score is beat, an addition bonus play is granted to the winner. Penalty Shot is brilliantly designed with energetic colors and splendid LED lighting system that delivers an uncompromising, charismatic presence in any environment.

* Color Rangers 5 Heroes: The Color Rangers 5 Heroes ticket redemption arcade machine is a ticket redemption game builds upon the success of its 'Color' predecessors - Bloks and Boyz. Players simply insert their coins to start the game, then press the big button on the panel to shoot the ball when the time is just right. Tickets are awarded when you make it through a color hole, but you must avoid the black holes at all costs - otherwise players will lose all their winnings! Players must aim to light up all five lights in a column, and for the Jackpot win, aim for the RED column right in the middle!

* Winners Cube Classic: Winners' Cube Classic is a prize redemption arcade game machine, offering a revamped alternative to the proven Winners' Cube Model! The objective of Winners' Cube is remarkably simple. Players will be controlling the movement of a slim rod, that is mounted onto a motorized mechanism, with two buttons that control the horizontal and vertical movements of the rod. Once the button is released, the movement of the rod will stop at the location of the desired position. Winners' Cube Classic features dynamic customization abilities, and its sleek design embraces a demand for many operators for a space efficient investment option, and offers a rugged all-steel cabinet and contemporary design with its slim physique plus its burgundy-color cabinet. This game is an instant attraction in any location

* Winners Cube Deluxe: Winners Cube Deluxe is a double sized prize redemption arcade game machine made for two players. With its larger, durable and very reliable cabinet built of solid steel that will last like a tank, plus a stylish, modern, clean white mesmerizing look and captivating soundtrack, the new Winners' Cube Deluxe is guaranteed to be an instant hit with players! The Winners Cube prize redemption machine will be the ultimate attraction in any location.

Andamiro is an established manufacturer who offers quality machines suitable for any arcade center, family entertainment center, games room or commercial location. These machines are reliable, fun, attractive and have proven income results. The clearance prices are too hot to print! For more information and to secure these great machines and clearance pricing, please contact us on +61 249 689 313 or on sales@arcade-game-sales.com!

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