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Game Wizard 3.0 is being Released in December

Date: 07/12/22

Game Wizard 3.0 is being Released in December Arcooda has announced that they will release their Game Wizard 3.0 arcade machine, that supports all types of arcade game boards, as well as PC, XBOX, Playstation, Android and more. With 1ms gaming monitor, and over 20 cabinet options, the Game Wizard 3.0 is suitable for both home, business, and coin operated venues.

Arcooda's Game Wizard Xtreme 3 is their most advanced arcade machine to date. Built for dedicated gamers, the Xtreme 3.0 is a steel constructed arcade cabinet that includes a 15khz (native input) up to 1080p with 1ms response time, Japanese Sanwa joystick and buttons, 2.1 sound system with subwoofer, and many easy upgrades.

Game Wizard machines are extremely easy to use with a purpose-built Arcooda Plug and Play system. This unique board allows the user to simply plug in consoles, PC, android or arcade game boards for instant access to an unlimited range of games.

Preorder is now available.

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