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Game Gate VU On Sale

Date: 09/11/11

Game Gate VU On Sale We currently have a number of Game Gate VU units on sale for $2950usd. All stock is brand new and available for immediate shipment out of USA or England. Please contact our sales team to place your orders.

Game Gate VU is a coin-operated machine using home market hardware. It is compatible with both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles, and the machine is licensed to play hundreds of console video games in a public environment.

The Game Gate has a 32" high-definition LCD monitor with HDMI, VGA and up to 1080i inputs, and outputs via Component Video. The machine is licensed to play hundreds of console video games in a public environment, whether you are an operator, bowling alley, skate facility, FEC, arcade, restaurant, bar, nightclub, or any other venue open to the public.

The machine has a controller bracket with handheld controllers and supports one or two player action. The design of the unit allows the game pad controls to be easily swapped with a high quality arcade joystick and button control panel. PC kiosk controls featuring a keyboard and mouse are also available, allowing you to convert the cabinet into a fully functioning PC kiosk.

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