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Extreme Hunting Available Mid-November

Date: 03/11/04

Extreme Hunting Available Mid-November We are pleased to announce Sammy's brand new Extreme Hunting game will be available from 20 November, 2004. Extreme Hunting is a game where players compete in head-to-head competition and must complete multiple target stages.

There are hidden weapons with decoys, six bonus stages and an elite stage. The game features six animals; the mule deer, the white tail deer, the elk, the black bear, the moose and the grizzly bear. Three types of weapons are available including the rifle, shot gun and bow.

One of the special advantages of this game is that once you have purchased the full kit, and have Sammy's new Atomiswave motherboard - all you need to do is change the chip and you have a new game.

Extreme Hunting Upgrade Kit.
Extreme Hunting Factory Kit.

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