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Daytona GTX 2004 Upgrade Kits Available for Daytona USA

Date: 09/08/04

Daytona GTX 2004 Upgrade Kits Available for Daytona USA Update Daytona USA machines with the Daytona GTX 2004 Upgrade Kit which gives players more options and control over the game than the previous versions of Daytona. Players accrue points when playing Daytona GTX through this new Upgrade Kit, and then may redeem these points in return for enhancements made to their car.

At the end of their game, players are given a PIN number, which they enter when they return to play the game again. This PIN number allows the machine to recognise how many points the player had won during their last round. Players can then choose to either continue playing and adding to the points they have already accrued, or they have the option to modify their car. Modifications available include the option to turbo charge the car, add armour, change the tyres and/or engine capacity.

For more information about the Daytona GTX 2004 Upgrade Kits, please Click Here.

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