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Clearance Pricing On Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction 4 Seat Model - Machine Must Sell!!

Date: 26/03/15

Clearance Pricing On Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction 4 Seat Model - Machine Must Sell!! We have a very special offer on a Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction 4 Seat Model Simulation Machine. This unique and special arcade machine, is a 5D interactive motion simulator which offers a variety of different games. The Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction is currently on clearance pricing, the lease has expired at shopping centre it is located in and the owner is looking for a quick sale!

The Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction is suitable for all ages, and includes both entertainment and educational programs. The machine includes a huge 180° panoramic stereoscopic 3D screen, and uses the latest stereoscopic technology to provide high-quality, high-contrast images. Adding to the experience is the full motion platform with 6 degrees of freedom. The motion platform can produce any horizontal, longitudinal and transverse, as well as vertical and rotary motions, imitating roll and pitch.

Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction (4 Seat Model) seats up to 4 people, with each game taking between 3 – 6 minutes (operator adjustable). Each seat is equipped with a joystick which can be used for controlling the craft and its weapons; along with taking pictures of interesting objects, and answering quiz questions. The interactive system encourages competition between the visitors. During the game all the participants receive scores for their accuracy in hitting targets, winning any race they take part in and other tasks completed. Winners are announced at the end of each game.

This unique arcade machine is on the very special clearance price of $26,950usd (almost half the RRP). For more information or to place an inquiry, please follow this link or watch the movie below.

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