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Arcade Monitor Chassis for 29 inch Screens

Date: 08/07/11

Arcade Monitor Chassis for 29 inch Screens With LCD screens now entering the market in larger volumes, its harder to locate replacement parts for CRT monitors. We are preparing a production of arcade monitor chassis as replacements for Sega Astro City, New Astro City, Blast City, Daytona, etc..There are different chassis models available, but will cover these monitors;

  • SAMSUNG A68QBT892X02
  • VIDEO COLOR A68EGD038X322-9Y
  • TOSHIBA M68LMF256X01
  • THOMSON A68ELA011X121
  • THOMSON A68ELA012X002
  • LG A68QCU970XV4
  • HUAFEI A68ERF185X044/M
  • THOMSON A68EMN021C121

Please note that production will only be based on deposit based orders. So if your existing arcade monitors are being to fail or become faulty, its perfect opportunity to purchase and also keep as spare parts.

Please contact our sales team for more details about production schedules.

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