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Arcade Clearance In California

Date: 25/01/11

Arcade Clearance In California One of our customers in California is looking to sell a number of his arcade machines at very affordable prices. All machines are currently fully working on location. They are 110v and come with a 7 day testing warranty. Pricing is as follows:

Triotech Ballistics: $1950usd
Club Kart DX: $1795usd
House of the Dead 3 SD: $1995usd
Quick & Crash (2 units available): $1950usd
Ridge Racer 5 Twin: $2250usd
Ridge Racer Twin: $1950usd
Rolling Extreme: $1350usd
Ski Champ DX: $1395usd
Sega Strike Fighter DX (2 units available): $2750usd
Time Crisis 2 DX: $2150usd
Vapor TRX: $995usd
Wave Runner DX: $1950usd

For more information, or to place an order, please contact our sales team at

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