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Amazing Clearance Bulk Offer: 23 Arcade Machines and Redemption Machines for only $22,950usd!

Date: 05/11/14

Amazing Clearance Bulk Offer: 23 Arcade Machines and Redemption Machines for only $22,950usd! Are you looking to update your arcade center /commerical locations, OR to start up your own arcade project? Well look no further, we have the solution for you! We are happy to offer an amazing, hard-to-refuse offer of 23 arcade machines for only $22,950usd.

This bulk offer is perfect for anyone looking for quick and easy way to start up a small arcade space. The offer includes some awesome titles and ranges from pinball to ticket redemption, to coin pushers and video arcade games!

Machines included in this bulk offer:

  • 2x Spongebob Soccer Shot Pinball Machines
  • 1x Matador Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine
  • 3x Roll Down Skeeball Arcade Machine (Baytek)
  • 1x Space Hockey Air Hockey Table
  • 1x Mini Bowling Arcade Machine
  • 1x Soccer Table
  • 1x War of the Carribbean Redemption Machine
  • 1x Spider Stompin' Redemption Machine
  • 1x Start Kicker Simulator Arcade Machine
  • 1x Boxing Championship Punching Arcade Machine
  • 1x The Simpsons Kooky Carnival Arcade Machine
  • 1x Sylvester Kiddie Car Ride
  • 1x War of Island Redemption Machine
  • 1x Double Jam Arcade Machine
  • 1x Space Jumble Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine
  • 1x Smokin' Token Redemption Machine
  • 1x Fatal Judgement Shooting Arcade Machine (Konami)
  • 1x Time Crisis II Shooting Arcade Machine (Namco)
  • 1x Cyclone Coin Drop Arcade Machine
  • 1x Big Haul Arcade Machine

Please note all machines are in working condition and will ship from the European Union.

Photos of the machines can be found by following this link

For more information or to make an inquiry, please contact our friendly sales team by following this link

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