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A Very Exclusive Once In A Lifetime Offer: Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction At Discounted Pricing!

Date: 02/09/14

A Very Exclusive Once In A Lifetime Offer: Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction At Discounted Pricing! We have a very special offer on one of our deluxe simulators. Our client's Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction machine can be purchased for $29,950usd!! This machine is worth over $100,000usd and now you can buy this machine for less than half price. The Trans-Force Orion Machine is less than 12 months old, is in excellent condition and has over 15 games available. If you have been wishing to add a deluxe simulator to your arcade center, venue or shopping center, this is the machine to buy!

The Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction is a 5D interactive motion simulator which offers a variety of different games. The machine is suitable for all ages, and includes both entertainment and educational programs. The machine includes a huge 180° panoramic stereoscopic 3D screen, and uses the latest stereoscopic technology to provide high-quality, high-contrast images.

Furthermore, the Trans-Force Orion 5D Attraction seats up to 4 people, with each game taking between 3 – 6 minutes (operator adjustable). Each seat is equipped with a joystick which can be used for controlling the craft and its weapons; along with taking pictures of interesting objects, and answering quiz questions. The interactive system encourages competition between the visitors. During the game all the participants receive scores for their accuracy in hitting targets, winning any race they take part in and other tasks completed. Winners are announced at the end of each game. Only one attendant is needed to operate the machine - The machine has a payment and control terminal, limiting the attendants function to switching on the selected program and attending to safety issues.

This machine is an excellent addition to any gaming venue, and at this price it is too good to miss. For more information on the machine or to make an inquiry please Click Here For Product Information

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