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View VHF/UHF/Cable TV, DVD Movie and other videos on your PC monitor, LCD Project or large screen HDTV or Plasma TV.

PC/ HDTV Tuner Box (CSC-1200T)

PC/ HDTV Tuner Box (CSC-1200T)

Product ID : 02003-0001
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About PC/ HDTV Tuner Box (CSC-1200T)

View VHF/UHF/Cable TV, DVD Movie and other videos on your PC monitor, LCD Project or large screen HDTV or Plasma TV.

Condition :New Location :Australia
Warranty :3 Months Product Type :Converters

More About PC/ HDTV Tuner Box (CSC-1200T)

  • Accepts RF, Composite video, S-Video and VGA inputs.
  • Convert above inputs to 720x480 VGA or HDTV 480P/576P output for display on LCD, Plasma or projection TV.
  • 50 to 60 Hz frame rate conversion ensures smooth display for PAL input ( 50Hz).
  • Auto-scan programming and 181 channel memory.
  • Built-in adaptive film mode 3:2 pull-down provides clear and crisp de-interlacing of video originating from 24fps film, such as DVD movies.
  • Supports 2:2 pull down for PAL mode video.
  • Vertical Temporal filter remove jaggy and other de-interlacing artifacts from normal video.
  • Y, Pb, Pr output for progressive scanning display
  • Motion-adaptive interfiled de-interlacing
  • OSD menu display for channel tuning and picture adjustment.
  • PC loop through allow for easy switch between video and PC input.
  • No software drive required. It suits all OS
  • MTS Stereo audio output.

  • TV/Cable RF input: F connector 50 Ohm
  • Video input: 1V p-p 75 Ohm phone-jack
  • S-video input:
  • Y 1 V p-p 75 Ohm
  • C 0.286 Vp-p 75 Ohm
  • VGA input: Y:1 Vp-p typ
  • VGA output: RGB output 0.7 Vp-p typ
  • Audio input: 1 x L,R Audio RCA jack
  • 1 x L,R Audio phone jack 350m Vrms
  • Audio Output: 1 x L,R Audio RCA jack 350m Vrms
  • Power: DC 12V 800mA

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PC/ HDTV Tuner Box (CSC-1200T) - Actual Screenshots

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