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Degaussing Wands Now In Stock

Date: 09/09/10

Degaussing Wands Now In Stock We have now received a shipment of degaussing wands for CRT monitors. Breathe life back in to your old arcade or computer screen by reducing the magnetic field of the monitor and correcting any colour problems caused by any electrical interference.

The wand is operated by holding it approximately 30cm from your powered on monitor. Press and hold the button of the wand and move it in an outward and upward spiral away from the centre of the monitor. The screen image will distort whilst this action is performed. Release the button as you move the wand away from the screen. Repeat this process until the colour problems have been corrected.

The Degaussing Wand for CRT Monitor is designed to be plug and play with our Arcade Cocktail Tables. The wands will be shipped with a 240v Australian plug adapter.

To place an online order for this product, please click here, or contact our sales team directly.

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